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813mm Compact Box Beam Spirit Level


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The 650 series Empire Levels are built compact, for easy portability & with easy-to-read, all acrylic vials to accurately deliver horizontal and vertical readings. The 650 series also feature dual precision milled edges for maximum accuracy at 0.5mm/m in all working conditions.<br />

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The Empire 800mm Compact Box level features a durable, but light weight extruded aluminium frame. Its continuous grip design is compact for greater portability & is also 25% stronger than a traditional I-BEAM level for extra durability.&nbsp;<br />

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Patented high-contrast vial surrounds highlight the edge of the bubbles for improved visibility in high & low lighting conditions. The reinforced vial locking system secures all vials permanently, ensuring they never shift during their lifetime.<br />

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The centre block vial has a 300&deg; viewing window for clear standard & overhead readings. All 3 vials are made from an extremely durable solid acrylic & all resists fading, fogging & leaking for extra durability & longevity. The centre block vial also sits slightly below the frames surface, always avoiding contact of the surface, further reducing the chance of any damage.&nbsp;<br />

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Impact resistant, hard plastic fixed end caps protect the level from damage if dropped. The end caps also double as hang holes, allowing users to hang their level, keeping it out of harm&rsquo;s way when not in use.<br />

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The 650 Series Compact Box Levels are also available in 600mm and 1200mm lengths. The 1200mm version includes Ergonomic Grip sizes, for improved, control, handling & transport.<br />

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