360° 200mm Digital Protractor


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Price correct as of 11th July 2024, 03:00am.

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Set, measure and transfer angles with the Empire 360° 200mm Digital Protractor. Use the complete 360° range of motion to measure interior, exterior and reverse angles. It’s suitable for various trades including carpenters, cabinetmakers and plumbers.

Use it to check for accuracy on building projects. Identify imperfect or specific angles to recreate unique shapes of workpieces. This Digital Protractor is also suitable for verifying or calibrating the cutting angles of table saw blades.

The large LCD digital screen and permanent laser-etched markings ensure clear and easy readings. Stainless steel blades provide durability for trade applications.

Available in-store and online from Bunnings Warehouse.
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    360° range of motion
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    Large LCD digital screen
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    Laser-etched markings
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    Stainless steel blades
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    Measures internal and external angles
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    What's Included

    360° 200mm Digital Protractor - Manual
    EDIGPROTRA User Manual Completed.pdf Published: 11-07-2024