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True Blue® Torpedo Level & Rafter Square Set


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Accurately measure and mark workpieces or check that surfaces are plumb with the Empire True Blue® Torpedo Level and Rafter Square Set. Made in the USA, both tools have various features designed for trade applications.

Check that vertical and horizontal surfaces are plumb or flush with the 305mm True Blue Magnetic Vari-Pitch Torpedo Level. Its v-groove magnetic edge fits securely on metal pipes and conduits and provides superior holding strength on all metal surfaces.

The Torpedo Level’s True Blue dual pitch vials provide enhanced visibility in all lighting conditions. These Vials are accurate to within 0.5mm/m in all 10 level working positions. Use them to check for plumb, level or at a 45° angle. Additional lines on the vari-pitch vial identify slopes or falls in 10mm increments.

Mark straight 45° and 90° lines with the 180mm True Blue Hi-Vis Laser Etched Rafter Square. It features a scribe guide in 5mm increments for marking straight lines across framing posts, floorboards and other commonly used timbers. Laser-etched metric markings in 1mm increments ensure clear and easy readings for improved accuracy.

A quick reference heel on the Rafter Square is designed for fast 5mm, 10mm and 20mm markings and repeat measurements. The Rafter Square also features a pivot point for measuring length and marking angles from 0-90°. It’s made from durable anodised aluminium that won’t rust or corrode from exposure to harsh worksite conditions.

Available in-store and online from Bunnings Warehouse.

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    V-Groove magnetic edge (Torpedo Level)

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    True Blue dual pitch vials (Torpedo Level)

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    Scribe guide with 5mm increments (Rafter Square)

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    Laser-etched markings (Rafter Square)

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